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The Beginning and the End

The Beginning and the End

If you haven’t really been reading my stuff, then you may not be aware that I have been writing for ages now. I have been working as a freelance writer for more than 10 years now and counting.

I started a blog called MarshMary years ago and it ended up growing through the years. Blogging was big at that time, so I ended up working with brands, clients reached out to me, I was on a roll.

And then, one day, I got tired of keeping up with all of it. The website got deleted and I got too busy to save any of it. And now, it’s all just a memory. Char.

Through the years, I still kept on writing for clients. I worked with online magazines, brands, other blogs and websites, you name it. It was fun!

I stopped when I got pregant. It was NOT an easy pregnancy, but that is for another blog post.

I am now a mom, and so, here I am, needing this space I now call MaryElizabethology for my thoughts and other stuff, for my sanity. I started writing for clients again and I am planning to gradually get back out there as soon as I sort my shit out.

I know blogging is not a thing anymore at this point in time, but I would like to push #BringBloggingBack2022. LOL. But seriously, there’s the story of the end and the beginning.

I really hope I’d see you around here more often. I guess I have shifted from just lifestyle blogging to lifestyle mom blogging. But whatever. It’s gonna be fun. Cheers!

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